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Sarcastic Sentiments - Funny, Not So Inspirational Signs

You know those artsy signs that hang in every kitchen, dining room, living room or even bathroom you walk into these days? Everyone sees them, but who really takes the time to read them? Try hanging up one of these silly twists on motivational sayings and see who is really paying attention to the artwork on your walls. 


Fully engraved by a large-format CO2 laser and framed in hardwood with hanging hardware installed.

Trying Is The First Step Towards Failure - 16-½ x 9-½ inches

If Something Is Hard To Do Then It’s Not Worth Doing - 16-½ x 9-½ inches

Never Underestimate The Power Of Giving Up - 13½ x 11-½ inches

Some People Are Such Treasures - 13½ x 11-½ inches


Frame material (color) may vary depending on availability - could be Walnut, Cherry or Oak.

Sarcastic Sentiments - Funny, Not So Inspirational Signs

  • Get 20% off when you order two or more with the code Signs20

  • These signs are made-to-order so please allow 7-10 days for me to build them before they ship out.

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