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Flip-Top Workbench Part 1

Flip-Top Workbench Part 1

In this 3-part series, I build the base for my ultimate space-saving workbench.

French Rolling Pin

French Rolling Pin

I used some gorgeous cherry and infused it with a swirl of green and blue resin, then turned it on the lathe until my wife had the nicest french rolling pin in history.

DIY Archery Target

DIY Archery Target

I use a bunch of scrap wood and other free (scrounged) materials to build an archery target.

Most Recent Video

Snake In A Box Toy

This is a new version of an old project that my Dad actually made for me when I was a little kid. You see this little box sitting on a counter or desktop and you can’t help but look to see what’s inside. I added some vintage looking artwork to make it even more enticing, and the Gunflint Designs branding lets you know that this is 100% authentic Unnecessary Walnut.


If you would like one of these boxes for yourself, I’ve put together three different options to help you out.

My Favorite Video

This is my personal favorite video from my collection.

It shows where I get my lumber from and how we do it.

“There is always something to do while you're resting.” 

- Grandpa Don -



A behind the scenes look into my projects.

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