Flip-Top Workbench Part 1

Flip-Top Workbench Part 1

In this 3-part series, I build the base for my ultimate space-saving workbench.

French Rolling Pin

French Rolling Pin

I used some gorgeous cherry and infused it with a swirl of green and blue resin, then turned it on the lathe until my wife had the nicest french rolling pin in history.

DIY Archery Target

DIY Archery Target

I use a bunch of scrap wood and other free (scrounged) materials to build an archery target.

Most Recent Video

Trestle Style Dining Table  

I made my new family-sized dining table with a couple of different parameters in mind. Primarily, the top as big as my materials would allow. So if you want a larger table, just increase the size! 


The other major parameter is it had to be deconstruct-able. As one piece, this table is too big to fit through any of the doors in my house. That’s why I designed it to break down into the smallest possible components. One top, two legs and two stretchers - five separate pieces makes this design easy to move around, yet once its assembled, it's more than strong enough for the rigors of everyday table life.

If you would like to build one for yourself, get the plans here.

My Favorite Video

This is my personal favorite video from my collection.

It shows where I get my lumber from and how we do it.

“There is always something to do while you're resting.” 

- Grandpa Don -



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