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Whitewashing A Fireplace

April 30, 2018

In our on-going project to completely overhaul the main floor of our house, Katie decided to throw in a last minute project. The guy we hired to patch and refinish our hardwood floors was going to start work in 2 days, and Katie wanted to whitewash our fireplace before we our upstairs became off-limits for a week. As soon and she started walking around on the hearth to tape off the stone and walls, it started to crumble underneath her.

The entire fireplace had been built ON TOP of 1970's era shag carpet, so I decided the only solution was to rip out the hearth. This bought us more floor space since it had been oversized to begin with. We might come back and tile below the fireplace once this is all finished, but for now our next plan will be to put a piece of oak trim in place that will match the hardwood floors and look like a toe kick - but that will be part of a later project.

​I handled most of the heavy lifting and demolition, but once again Katie is taking lead on this project. So sit back and enjoy the learning process we went though to whitewash our fireplace.

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