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Branded T-Shirts & Hoodies

I recently got into Amazon Merch, which is a place where I can sell some shirts without having to deal with an inventory or shipping on my own. If you want to show your support, wearing a branded shirt would be a great way to do it. These are the current offerings,  but I'm always working on new designs, so make sure you check back often.

Premium Logo

This is the second Gunflint Designs T-shirt and we went with a simple design - just one big logo and nothing else to obscure it. Should be perfect for those who like a clean look. We also switched things up by printing it on a premium t-shirt so there are different color options, better feeling material and a more form-fitting shape.

Premier Design

This is the first t-shirt to ever carry the Gunflint Designs logo. I spent quite a bit of time coming up with a design that I thought looked cool and fit my brand.  Lightweight, classic fit, comfortable and quality screen printing with 5 different color options - available in men, women and youth sizes.

#UnnecessaryWalnut Tee


You will definitely want to be sporting this shirt after you check out the #unnecessarywalnut IG thread that shows people using beautiful walnut lumber for completely unnecessary things. 5 different color options - available in men, women and youth sizes.

Premier Design Hoodie

Since creating and listing the Premier Design Tee, the response has been really positive, so I adapted the design to fit on a Hoodie! It's not too hot out yet, there's still a little sweatshirt weather left this spring!

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