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Modular Miter Saw Station

November 11, 2019

Check out my new design for a miter saw station - it has big cabinet style storage on one side and a bank of deep drawers on the other. In the middle, there’s one massive drawer that makes up the saw platform. The idea behind the three different sections is in the event of rearranging the shop, or moving entirely, it can easily be broken down into manageable pieces by just removing a few screws.

The left side has 46 inches of support which is just enough to tame the balance of an 8-foot board as a right handed woodworker. You could easily swap the two sides around if you happen to be a lefty.


This happens to be the single nicest piece of furniture that I own - that includes everything in the house. (I think my wife shed a tear when she first saw it an realized it was destined to be abused in the shop). So how can I justify making such an over the top piece of shop furniture? In a word - PRACTICE. The way I see it, you’ve got to practice to get good at something, so rather than learn on fancy cabinets for the kitchen, or on a project for a client, why not make your shop furniture the best it can possibly be in order to expand your skills?


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