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Tablesaw Outfeed Table with T-Track & Storage

June 8, 2018

I needed an outfeed table for my new tablesaw, so I combined a few different Rockler products, built a cabinet and now I have a super versatile table and workstation.


Thank you very much to Rockler Woodworking for supporting this project.

For about a month I just had my Rockler panel cart sitting behind the saw and I found that it was the right height to catch workpieces after I added a scrap of plywood to the top of it.

I decided this was going to be the foundation for my more permanent table, but I wanted to come up with some kind of storage to build into it, and make better use of that empty space.

I pondered on a design for a while, and in the process I went to Rockler’s website to try and find some dimensions for the cart so I could build off of that. Lucky for me, they had already thought of this idea and had free plans for a storage cabinet that made efficient use of the space I was trying to fill.

I want to say a HUGE thank you to my Patrons Alan Sefton and Dean Sleiman for helping to support my channel! Dean is a talented tattoo artist, you should go check out his work on Instagram at @deansleiman.

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