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Double Flip-Top Workbench Plans

This is a completely custom design that I put together to fit the needs of someone with a growing shop occupying a small space. With a section of solid top, two flipping stations and lots of storage, this bench allows for a tremendous variety of uses without giving up any more of a footprint than a standard workbench would. 

More than likely you found these plans via my multiple YouTube videos documenting my build process. If by chance you haven’t seen those, make sure you check them out for a very detailed look at how to assemble one yourself. Watch YouTube Videos

Double Flip-Top Workbench Plans

  • These plans are a digitally downloaded PDF with 38 pages that include detailed parts diagrams and step-by-step instructions with pictures that will help you to build this multi-functional workbench for yourself. 

    After purchase, you will receive an email with a link to download the PDF.

    Plans in imperial dimensions only - No Metric. Sorry!

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