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Cantilever Home Office Desk Plans

Thank you for checking out my plans for a cantilever-style desk. I designed this with a couple of different parameters in mind. Primarily, I wanted the cantilever style not just to make it look a little cooler, but to keep the legs far enough back that you wouldn’t bang your knees on them when you slide into place.


The other major parameter is I had to be able to disassemble it. As one piece, it would be difficult to fit this desk through any of the doors of my house, and impossible to squeeze it through the stairs and around the corner to get to its intended location. That’s why I designed it to break down into the smallest possible components. One top, two legs and two stretchers - five separate pieces makes this design easy to move around, yet once it’s assembled, it’s more than strong enough for the rigors of being a desk.


Watch the build video on YouTube

Cantilever Home Office Desk Plans

  • These plans are a digitally downloaded PDF with 8 pages that include detailed parts diagrams, short assembly instructions and other recommendations that will help you to build this desk for yourself. 

    After purchase, you will receive an email with a link to download the PDF.

    Plans in imperial dimensions only - No Metric. Sorry!

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