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Template For DIY Deer Skull Mount Plaque

Use this template to make a beautiful plaque to display your european-style deer skull. These plaques easily convert from a wall hanger, to a table/pedestal style. All you have to do is flip the pieces around. The skull itself hangs by sliding the natural hole at the base of a skull over a dowel that’s glued to the faceplate. This plaque is designed for deer skulls, but can be modified to work with other species as well.


This kit is laser cut from ¼-inch mdf and comes with three different back plates options as well as the standoff, faceplate, and hole drilling guides. All you need is a few basic tools and you can make as many perfect copies as you want. 

Template For DIY Deer Skull Mount Plaque

  • This is not a finished plaque. This is a template that allows you to build your own.

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