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Table Saw Storage Cabinet  

October 30, 2018

I built this storage cabinet to go under the extension wing on my table saw. It utilizes some otherwise wasted space and keeps all my table saw related tools close at hand.

I enjoy making shop furniture because it gives me an opportunity to practice an existing skill, or learn a new one on something that isn’t of any critical importance. I’m not making it as a gift, or as a piece to sell - it’s just for me. So I like to make them as nice as I can, but if it has flaws, nobody cares and I can look at those flaws as learning experiences and lessons on how to do a better job the next time.


In this case, the big difference is using a dado stack in my table saw for the first time to cut the joinery. This is something I wasn’t set up to do before with the small jobsite saw that I used to have. When I was shopping for a new table saw, having the ability to do precise dado and rabbet cuts was a high priority on my checklist.


This is a good time to bring up Acme Tools, as they are helping me bring you this project, and they also played an important role in my determining which new table saw was right for me. They put together a list of the top table saws currently for sale in 2018 and made it really easy to compare different models. From budget friendly jobsite saws up to professional quality cabinet saws, you can get a good feel for what’s on the market in a short amount of time. Check out Acme Tools' blog and see what table saw is best for you.

Some of these are affiliate links, and I can benefit from your purchases. Some of them are just so you can easily find the stuff you need.


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