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DIY Archery Target

April 20, 2017

One of my favorite hobbies is archery, and that requires a lot of practice. Targets can be expensive, so here is a way to easily build one out of scrap wood and other junk that most people would just throw away.

The #1 comment I have gotten on this video is, "it's not free because you have to have thousands of dollars worth of tools to build it." Well that's bologna! I used the tools that I have, but there's no reason you couldn't build this with less. Here I have listed the tools that I used (like usual), but if you are resourceful, you only NEED a saw and a hammer and nails. Any tools above that just help make things easier and you will probably help you end up with a more polished finished product.

Some of these are affiliate links, and I can benefit from your purchases. Some of them are just so you can easily find the stuff you need.



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