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Want to help me make more stuff? 

I love building these projects and showing others how I did it, but everything comes at a cost.

Here are a few ways that you can help me out. With your support, I can continue to get materials, tools and video production equipment that will help me continue providing content for free.


Patreon is a platform that lets you become patrons of the content creators that you enjoy. By setting up a monthly pledge you help me create new content on a regular basis. Patreon also makes it easy for me to give back a little extra to those that are helping me out the most.


Buying ANYTHING from Amazon within 24 hours of using this link is a great way to help me out. It costs nothing more than what you would normally pay, and I will get a kickback for directing you there.


I recently got into Amazon Merch, which is a place where I can sell t-shirts without having to deal with an inventory or shipping on my own. If you want to show your support, wearing a branded t-shirt would be a great way to do it.


If you really believe in my content and are an especially generous person, you can make a one-time donation via PayPal for any amount. Know ahead of time that I am truly grateful!

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