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Painting & Hanging

Doors & Trim

May 21, 2018

It’s finally over! In this video we paint a bunch of doors and miles of trim. Then, we hang it all in the main floor of our house and finish off this huge home improvement project. If this happens to be the first page you've landed on here at Gunflint Designs, then my relief is probably confusing to you.

This finish line has been years and many project videos in the making. In fact, there are at least a few steps that took place before I started filming and documenting any of my projects. If you would like to follow along from the beginning, here are all the projects that went into the finale of this massive home renovation.

1: SHOP UPDATE 6/1/17 - This doesn't show much of the project, but you get a glimpse of the first major step forward where I removed a completely arbitrary wall that blocks the front door of the house. Why anyone thought they should turn the entrance of this house into a maze, then immediately give up is a mystery to. Time to correct it.

Some of these are affiliate links, and I can benefit from your purchases. Some of them are just so you can easily find the stuff you need.


2: Dining Room Expansion - For Christmas of 2017 my wife’s parents came to visit. My father-in-law is a contractor and for years I had been asking him about the logistics of taking out a wall between our kitchen and dining room. When my wife and her mom went out for a day of shopping, we ripped the whole thing down and when the got back they were pretty surprised! The flow of the house feels much better after this project.

3: Updating The Dining Room - With the wall gone we decided it made sense to remove all the outdated paneling on the remaining walls. This turned into a big project because all the paneling was glued on. So instead of just filling a few small nail holes we ended up putting all new drywall up, texturing the surface and painting the whole thing.

4: Install A Ceiling Fan - After the dining room update we needed new lighting in there and my wife Katie decided to tackle that project all by herself. With only slight advice from me from the sidelines, she put in a new ceiling fan that really feels right in that room. Since this project, we have added two more identical fans in the living room as well.

5: Fireplace Facelift - Once again Katie takes the lead by whitewashing our dingy old fireplace. In the process, she started knocking pieces off the poorly constructed mantle - so in an executive decision, I stepped in to completely remove the mantle took the whole fireplace in a different direction.

6: Refinishing Hardwood Floors - After pulling up the old carpet, removing the two walls mentioned earlier and widening several doorways, the original hardwood floors (which were in bad shape already) were left with craters in it - not unlike the surface of the moon. So we hired a professional to come in and patch and refinish the whole thing. It’s finally starting to look like the home we’ve always wanted after this one.

7: Painting & Hanging Doors & Trim - That’s this one, you’re all caught up!


Thanks for coming along with us throughout this massive project. It’s been a lot of work - frustrating and tedious at times and over a year in the making but we finally have it finished at we are loving our new old house.

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